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Logotipo ecoTravel Portugal, vencedores do prémio World Travel Award 2023

Certified in Sustainable Tourism

As Tour Operators, we are proud to be pioneers in Sustainable Tourism Certification by Biosphere.

This recognition results of our compliance with the “Biosphere Sustainable” actions, which are aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Our Commitment

How we Contribute to the Local Community

Tourism is important for the economic development of a community. That is why we not only seek to involve the local community in tourism, but also to support and to establish partnerships with small businesses, promoting cultural exchange and preserving local traditions.

How we Contribute to Corporate Sustainability

Our mindset towards the growth of sustainable tourism starts from the inside out, in our work environment. We review our consumption and production habits and are concerned with the growth and development of our team and who our suppliers are, aiming to promote a healthy working environment.

How we Contribute to the Preservation of the Environment

We value cultural heritage, natural resources and biodiversity conservation. The environment is one of our top priorities. That is why we value destinations that embrace sustainable behaviours.

Tips for a Sustainable Tourist

The Sustainable Tourist Respects the Local Community

Whenever possible, research, learn and get to know more about your destination. Find out about traditions and heritage. We suggest that you choose local stores, experiences and restaurants.

The Sustainable Tourist takes care of their Health and Well-being

Find out if you need to be vaccinated and follow the recommendations of the local authorities. Pay attention to the necessary documentation and do not travel without health insurance.

The Sustainable Tourist Respects the Environment

Choose shared means of transport or even walk when possible. Prioritize activities that promote nature conservation, such as nature trails or visits to environmental reserves.

The Sustainable Tourist Recycles

Avoid using disposable plastics, such as water bottles and plastic bags, by opting for reusable products that you can carry in your suitcase.

The Sustainable Tourist is Responsible

Respect the place you visit and everyone who lives in it. Avoid wasting water. Save energy in your accommodation by turning off the lights and air conditioning when you leave the room.